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Molise is a small and unspoiled region located in the heart of the Italian peninsula. This small strip of land extends from snow-capped peaks for most of the year to the sea, passing through gentle and fertile hills. The reduced population density and the scarce industrialization have allowed the complete safeguard of the natural vegetation; in the hills there are luxuriant forests of oaks and gorges characterized by secular willows and majestic poplars, while at high altitudes there are splendid forests of turkey oaks, beeches, pines and firs, among which the white ones (extreme legacy of the Quaternary era) of the two stand out MABs that border the territory of Capracotta. The fauna is also richer than in most of Italy, thanks to the protection offered by the Abruzzo Natural Park, of which Molise is part.

Agriculture and livestock are the main economic resources of the region, known to gourmets for the excellence of all its products: the hills offer DOP qualified wines and oils, as well as being ideal for the cultivation of durum wheat, legumes and spelled; Furthermore, the high-altitude farming allows to obtain exquisite local meats and famous cheeses. High Molise is an area rich in fine undergrowth products such as an incredible variety of mushrooms, among which the truffle, a precious protagonist of local gastronomy, stands out. The Molise woods are the ideal environment for the growth of truffles, considered an environmental index, as it does not tolerate any type of pollution due to its optimal growth.